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Cooper McCarthy is the main protagonist in the adventure game (title still pending) and is the playable character. He is an outsider in his school who feels like he is not socially accepted by his schoolmates. While stressing over graduation, prom and other school social activities, his worries suddenly take a back seat as the town of Netherville takes a toxic turn. To make matters worse, Coop is growing a toxic sentient being on his head, who is able to protrude negative thoughts into Coop's mind.

  • Name: Cooper "Coop" McCarthy
  • Likes: drawing, animals, avoiding change
  • Dislikes: the apocalypse, most experiences, pressure, insects, mannequins
  • Flaws: reluctant to experiences, not a leader. Cowardly, tries to solve problems but ends up inconveniencing others.
  • Desires: to not be considered the "weird kid" by everyone, to make a decision about what to do after he graduates.
  • Appearance: baseball cap he flips forward and backwards, bottomless backpack, short for grade, slightly shaggy hair.
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